Centre for tourism training and research (CTTR) identity is encapsulated in its vision, mission, core values and goals as presented here below:-

Our Vision Statement

To be a leading college in conservation, wildlife and tourism training and research in Kenya and beyond.

Our Mission Statement

To produce highly qualified middle cadre professionals in the fields of environmental conservation, wildlife, tourism and hospitality through training, research and extension services. The college is situated in a serene, conducive environment favorable for acquisition of relevant skills and knowledge in tourism, wildlife and conservation in a cost effective manner.

Our CTTR Motto

‘Training for conservation’.

Our Organizational Goal

The overall goal of CTTR is to provide quality knowledge and skills to middle level professionals in the relevant fields of conservation, wildlife, hospitality and tourism in a cost effective manner.

Our Core Values

In all its operations, CTTR is guided by the following core values:-

  • Respect – We respect the inherent dignity of every person regardless of race, gender, creed, age, economic or health status.
  • Integrity– We show impartiality, fairness and honesty while upholding the highest ethical standards.
  • Professionalism-We maintain a high level of knowledge, skills and standards as we provide conservation education to the youths and communities.
  • Team spirit and team work-We create a workplace that fosters community, co-operation, respect, and uniqueness of each person. We promote employee participation and ensure that all are working towards a shared vision.
  • Responsiveness and kindness to the environment – We are sensitive to environmental needs and passionate about conservation. We strive to instill these values among Kenyan youths.