The CTTR Library is your gateway to information resources that will inspire and facilitate your research and study across all disciplines. As one of the core resources to students and lecturers as well, we have a well-stocked library that plays a major role in ensuring that our students get resources required to attain their goals

The Library is well equipped with latest information materials particularly in accordance with the curricula of the various disciplines to help students to grasp knowledge for their mental development.

We also have internet enabled computers inside the library to enable our students’ access to the best information from the online sources.


Each student can borrow a maximum of TWO books for a period of TWO weeks (14 days) and a fine...

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CTTR library membership is restricted to registered members of staff, students and persons recommended by the principal.Members of public are...

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We have state of the art computers with free high speed internet for research within the library. We also have free Wi-Fi for the students.


This consists of general reference and subject works. These are dictionaries, atlases etc.They are for use only within the library and are placed on the circulation desk


Current periodicals and newspapers are placed on the reading tables. Any enquiries concerning the availability and use of periodicals are addressed to the librarian.