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Wildlife Clubs of Kenya

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~Training for Conservation~

“Come join our vibrant student community drawn from a diverse cultural background. Besides quality training we encourage our students to participate in a variety of enriching extra-curricular activities that develops them to be environmentally, socially & cultural responsible.”

A college of the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya

Our Short Courses

Bushcraft and Survival Techniques

Bushcraft and Survival Techniques is a fully practical course unique to Centre for Tourism Training & Research (CTTR College). This short course will equip you with skills and knowledge of maintaining yourself and making your way in sparsely settled, scrub covered or forested areas with minimum of equipment all for the purpose of outdoor adventures. The course will cover training in wilderness first aid, map reading & land navigation, hiking techniques, climbing techniques, teambuilding, expedition planning & organisation, animal encounters, extreme survival situation etc. Currently; it begins with a two week pre-training programme before proceeding for a 14 day practical training in the field. The training usually takes place annually (Mid-August to Mid-September).

Basic Cookery

The core concept in cookery is more than one concept. The core concept in cookery is to explore every facet of culinary arts, as well as learn the vital practice of quality food preparation. Basic Cookery is a beginning series of classic gourmet cooking, perfect for cooks who are just learning culinary concepts or who would like to refresh their fundamentals. The 3 month series of cooking classes consists of lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on-classes.

Entry requirements:

To be admitted into the course of Basic cookery, the prospective trainee should have attained a minimum of KCPE or its equivalent

Foreign Languages

Centre for Tourism Training and Research offers foreign languages that can be studied by the trainees to help them in effective service delivery in the tourism and hospitality sector. The training is done in three languages: French, German and Spanish. Language is a mode of cultural transformations and an item of interactions among people of varied cultural backgrounds. All the students pursuing the certificate and diploma programmes in CTTR are expected to take a foreign language as a requirement for completing the course work. The languages are pursued at affordable fees for the trainees who wish to take languages classes only.

Entry requirements:

Learning a language requires passion of an individual who wish to study it in order to be able to communicate effectively. For this reason there are no restrictions for any person that wishes to purse a foreign language at the institution so long as they meet the requirements of admission by the institution.

Basic Certification Course for Practicing Tour Guides

Centre for Tourism Training and Research was approved by the Tourism Regulatory Authority to offer training to the practicing tour guides within the country. The course is tailor-made to equip the trainees with the much needed skills and techniques that will enable a guide to offer professional guiding services. The course becomes a game changer to you through practical orientation and engagement during the training period. This short course will equip you with the relevant tour guiding skills, nature interpretation skills, tour commentary techniques, first aid knowledge and skills, visitor management and customer care skills that you require in practicing as a professional tour guide.

Entry requirements:

  1. Minimum 3 years practicing experience of active guiding in any one specialized area or general tour guiding.
  2. KCSE qualification
  3. Previous or current TRA license and/or Membership to a TRA recognised Association/Licensed Tour Operations/ and/or employers letter

Computer Applications

Centre for Tourism Training and Research offers practical computer applications that can be studied by the trainees to help them in effective service delivery in the tourism and hospitality sector. The training is done in; Hotel reservation systems, Microsoft office Suite and Tour operator reservation systems.

Entry requirements:

The prospective trainee should have attained a minimum of KCPE or its equivalent

Our Vision

To be a leading college in conservation, wildlife and tourism training and research in Kenya and beyond..

Mission Statement

To produce highly qualified middle cadre professionals in the fields wildlife


‘Training for conservation’.

Organizational Goal

The overall goal of CTTR is to provide quality knowledge and skills

Strategic Niche

The Centre for Tourism Training and Research is the only college in Kenya providing tourism training and research alongside wildlife and environmental conservation practices to the general public and WCK membership. CTTR strives to create a cordial, friendly teaching and learning atmosphere for students. Students are encouraged to embrace a participatory teaching and learning processes in order to help them develop their critical and analytical skills. Therefore, joining CTTR is a serious personal pursuit of both intellectual and professional development. The overall objectives of WCK college are:-

  • To train middle cadre professionals in tourism, hospitality, wildlife and conservation sectors;
  • To spread the interest and knowledge about natural resource management, environmental conservation, hospitality, wildlife and tourism;
  • To create awareness of the great economic, cultural, social, ecological & aesthetic values of the natural resources through research-into-use products;
  • To develop capacity in tourism and conservation research for sustainable development.